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1Olgierd BUDREWICZ, FI’96
Journalist & writer. Author of 35 books, mostly about travelers around the world. He visited 120 countries. Permanent cooperation with many Polish newspapers, radio and TV. Master of Law (Warsaw University). Member of Polish Writer Association’s) AAss. of Polish Journalists (SDP), Rotary International (1992-93 President of Warsaw R.C.). Winner of the Prize of Warsaw and oth.
Sea-captain/Sailor. Her biggest achievement took place between March of 1976 and April 1978, when she sailed solo and circumnavigated the globe as the first women ever. She published many articles and 2 books.
3Andrzej CISZEWSKI, FI’98
4Elzbieta DZIKOWSKA, FI’93
Journalist/Historian of art. Her biggest achievement was accomplished in Peru in 1976, when together with her husband Toni Halik, they searched and discovered „VILCABAMBA”, the Inca’s last capital. She published 8 books and a co-hosted one of the most popular television programs in Poland (13 millions viewers) about discoveries.
5Marek KAMINSKI, FI’96
Polar explorer and adventurer. Chairman of the Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club.
6Bernard KOISAR, FI’93
Geologist/geochemist. He organized many expeditions to explore the caves of Mexico and South America. He published many articles and 1 book.
7Jaroslaw KRET, FI’99
Journalist & film director.
8Maciej KUCZYNSKI, CO’82
Speologist/polar explorer. Vice- chairman of the Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club. He organized and led many speleological expeditions into the caves and mountains of Spitsbergen, Mexico and Latin America. He published over 100 articles and 15 books.
9Elzbieta LISOWSKA FI’03
Journalist and scientist. Ph.D, in religions and Iranian history.
10Andrzej LISOWSKI FI’03
Journalist & film director.
11Karol MYSLIWIEC, FI’99
Professor. Archaeologist.
12Maria Agata OLECH FI’01,
Professor. Polar Explorer.
13Ryszard PAWLOWSKI, MI’99
Mountain climber and guide.
Arctic explorer and biologist.
15Monika ROGOZINSKA, MI’93
Climber/Mountain rescuer. Secretary of the Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club. She combined her passion of exploring and searching at her beloved Tatra Mountains with the high responsibility of mountain rescuer. She participated in a climbing expedition to the Himalayas, where she climbed Mt.Everest’ Ice Fall as the fourth woman ever.
16Zdzislaw RYN FI’99
Professor. Mountain climber & psychiatrist.
17Ryszard W. SCHRAMM, CO’79
Biochemist/Polar Explorer. Vice chairman of the Polish Chapter. He organized & lead 11 scientific expeditions into Spitsbergen, Afghanistan and Africa, where he climbed many unconquered summits. He published over 90 scientific publications & 7 books.
18Tomasz SCHRAMM, FI’98
Polar Explorer and historian.
TV Producer/Archaeologist. From 1956 until now he organized and led many filming expeditions in many parts of the world. Recently he received „Gran Prix” at „Ecofilm” festival and „The Golden Screen” of Polish TV for documentary series about ecology. Published 3 books, many articles and produced over 100 documentary films.
20Zbigniew SWIECH, MI’87
Historian/Writer. He explored Poland’s past and as a historical detective found enigmatic microbes in the graves of the Polish Kings which lead to explanations of microbes found in the Egyptian Pharaoh tombs. He published over 120 articles and 7 books.
21Krzysztof WIELICKI, FI’97
Mountain climber. Fifth man to climb „Himalayan Crown”. Pioneer of winter climbing.
22Mariusz ZIOLKOWSKI FI’ 02
Professor. Archaeologist.
23Bogdan ZURAWSKI, FI’99
Whitewater kayaker. Honorary Member of the Polish Chapter and official representative in the USA/Canada.